Saturday, September 29, 2007

Poker Night at Uncle Logan's

So I called over a few friends for poker...

Fury, Logan and Ben.

Sitting around the table we began discussing things that has happened to us recently....

Fury got in a fight with Little Tony... He got beat up and the twerp went right back to peeping in my windows...

"If I catch him around here I deal with him for you." Logan growled, "Not right peeping in a woman's window."

Fury lit his cigar and then Logan's, "Well from what I hear he went Dray."

Ben looked puzzled as he stared at his cards, "SAY AGAIN?"

Nick bit down on his cigar, "He is dating the Mega Mutant Bitch bot!"

Ben still looked puzzled and Logan about choked on his cigar, "What?!?"

I nodded, "Yeah Tony caught him and her going at it in his office at Stark Enterprises."

Ben still looked confused, "What is Dray? and who is this mega bot whatever."

Fury bit down on his cigar again and I replied, "Long story, so Uncle what is going on with you?"

"SHI has been teleported back in time sorta by Lady Death. and No I don't want to talk about it. So Iron boy and the Tin Can... Wait until I see Stark," Logan laughed.

"Never a dull moment with you guys is there? That is why I didn't go play with Johnny and his pals tonight." Ben replied, "So you ready for the annual Heroes United Poke Game?"

"Oh don't remind me, I got ousted from the first table. I never had a chance to make it to the finale table." I stated...

"Who one last year?" Ben asked...

We all looked at Ben.... Him just grinning from ear to ear..

"Well you won't win tonight or this year bub." Logan threatened...

What can I say I love poker night.....

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tony we have to talk!

I march right into Tony's office, " Tony, we..." I hear moaning coming from his lap top and his hands are under his desk.... I turn around so my back is at him...

"Natasha! Don't come in my office when my door is shut!" He yells...

"Sorry but now I know where he gets it!" I yell back... "Look you have to talk to that Clone Prick of yours!"

He moans (no no the same moaning as when I walked in, this was frustration)

"I can't I am busy with the campaign." He argues.

"Tony he is a perv and peeping into windows is against the law...." I say angrily...

He rebuttals with, "Then you should talk to Fury!"

"What?" I turned and gasp
"Last night he paid me and Carol a visit." He says....

I am about to say something when Red Hood calls in and says Agent Hall was sent in through the sewers and has disappeared...

"I have some business to take care of so if you don't mind." He shoos me out his office.

I go to see Nick, he is in the court yard training.

"Nick, can you come over tonight?" I asked

"Just can't get enough huh?" He chuckles

"Of you never but of that twerp Tony perv jr clone... yes." I say

"He still peeping in your windows?" Fury asked...

"Does Russian Bears shit in the woods." I sigh

"I don't know do they?" He teases... with a smile he grabs me and kisses me then whispers in my ear, "I see you tonight."

That nightI rode with Nick to my place. We had a quick something to eat at work.

Nick and I were having a moment when we here a scuttling at the window... Yes you guessed it. It is Tony clone filming us...

Nick wasn't happy said something about hurting the boy when he got his hands on him

Then it seems Tony Clone Jr decided to slip into bed with Carol, all I know is she was a sleep and woke to someone kissing her back and caressing her, She thought it was Tony and turned and screamed only for Tony to run in and see his clone trying to make the moves on Carol...

Carol has insisted he do something about the walking hormone, but from what I hear Nick is going to beat the young perv so bad Lil tony will feel it until he is older than Nick.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

What to do with a peeping Tom Tony

"Tony jr clone!" I yell. The little creep was in my window peeping again.

I can't even relax in my home without being spied on.

He just took off... after I threatened to bend him over my knee and he was laughing. The little creep. I really wish Tony would have a talk with him...

SHIELD had a blog birthday and we had a small Party. Tony has been working toward his campaign and Fury has been investigating Skrulls.

As for me I am going cure Iron Boy from peeping in my windows. So I called my Aunt... My big Aunt from Russia. I let her use my bedroom and bathroom and I waited silently...

I heard that little teen creep scream, "UGH MY EYES!!!!"

Yes I don't think he will come around again....

My Aunt from Russia
Do you?

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Monday, September 10, 2007

A tght spot

SHIELD command: Nick Fury just receives intelligence on the location of Black Widow. He begins to prepare his team. One of the top hats come in.

"Fury, I heard a rumor that you are going after Agent Romanova?" He says

Fury sneers, "It is no rumor."

"How dare you use resources to go after one agent. She is expendable and we have bigger fish to fry." The Man shouts...

Fury glares at him, "None of my agents are expendable."

"Especially not your little whore...." the commanding suit yells.

~~ Meanwhile~~

So I was captured by AIM. I glares around the room.

"Okay what do you want?" I demanded but there was no reply.

I put on my best poker face, "Surely you know that SHIELD knows I am missing and will invalidate all of my security codes!"

There was a laugh, "We do not want your security codes. We got what we wanted." He ran his hand up my thigh and I tried to kick him away.

"What good am I? I am just an Agent nothing more." I stated flatly.

he laughed again, "For one, you are Fury's little pet. He will come here and we will capture him. Two, you are the one that foiled our attempted to get Dr Edelmann's device for altering the weather and playing havoc with the seasons. Three, because we are going to inject you with a deadly virus. Your body will return to SHIELD and by the time those fools realize you were not tortured to death it will be too late. They will all be infected and dead. "

Damn this isn't good. I have to think of something and quick... I watch as the Man prepared a needle.

I can see my gun. If only I had a distraction...

~~ somewhere else~~

Fury sounds off, "She is there. I am getting ready to go in."

~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
I unzip to show more cleavage as the Dr is drooling I use my foot to knock over the table my gun flies in the air, I catch it and point it at the Dr. "Drop the needle. Up on the wall"

I grabbed the antidote and knock the Dr out.

I start running through corridors looking for an exit...

I feel a gun to the back of my head, "Very cleaver dear."

How did he get behind me... I let him take my gun.

"Not at the top of your Game huh?" He smiles, "Because of the serum we gave you. Slows you down. Now you will come with me and get your shot like a good girl"

I standing in a lab... I have this feeling someone is watching me

~ ~~ somewhere else~~

Fury barks his orders, "Level this place, I am going in"


Some henchmen come in carrying a case... "We got him!"

I could see it was Fury. My heart stopped...

Fury then pulls his gun and I grab one...

"Widow you okay." He asks...

"Of course." I wink I am standing there when this place is rocked by explosions... I reconize those sounds...

"Sounds like the calvery." I flash a smile

Fury smiles and flashes one back "of course. "

Everything was exploding around us... He looked at me...

"Did they drug you?" He asked and I nodded

In between shots I tried to fill him in, "Nick they have made a virus too.. I have the antidote."

I handed it to him and he and I run through the place fighting our way out..

Around every corner there were bullets flying trying to hit us... However as always I had Fury's back and he had mine.

"So why did you stand me up?" I ask

He chuckled, "Not the time to discuss this is it my dear?"

"Why not? I mean you have been ignoring me, standing me up and.." I teased

So he interrupted teasing back, "So you had to get in trouble and play the damsel in distress?"

"Should know me enough by now to know I don't stay in trouble." I winked

"Really so you was just playing with the enemy?" He teased back...

Before us was the heavy steel door. We were heading out when several armed men came out of no where and surrounded us...

"Surrender!" The lead man stated

Suddenly the heavy metal door opens and I hear more guns clicking behind me...

"That's funny, I was just about to tell you the same." Fury stated...

As I walked with Fury to the Carrier, he took my hand kind of discretely. "Dinner my place tonight."

"Why so you can cancel?" I swayed into him...

I saw Steve walking up, "Actually, I told him I would ensure you two the night."

I looked at Nick, "Okay, now let's head back to command."

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A break from the office

Ever had a bad day? A bad week? A bad year? Well join the crowd... At the office, I was grounded because of my relationship with Nick Fury. I spent the time training then Nick got me back in the field...

Between Tony's election and other SHIELD business Nick has been busy.

While Tony has been running around with Carol to ask for peoples votes (like at this construction site), the work load has been all on Nick.

Well at least Iron Boy isn't peeping through my windows any more...

He was doing that for a while but I think something else finally caught his eye or maybe Fury got to him.. I am not sure...

So Last night I was waiting at a romantic night club for Nick, and he never showed up. Something came up at S.H.I.E.L.D. but he said for me to meet him at the park, again something came up so I went home and went to bed.

This morning I was training and tore my outfit...
So I made the most out of my training time..

After a Shower and changing into my uniform for the office I was called by Nick.

"Tasha, we need you to get some info. On this Scientist, I will have agents standing by in case you need us." He started rounding up a team

We went to Munich Germany and it is snowing.
Snowing? It isn't even fall yet... just Later Summer.

"Does it snow here this early?" one of the new agents asked as we exited the planes...

"Well I am Russian not German but never in the times I have been to Germany has it snowed this early in the mountains and its surrounding city." I replied

Nick and the team piled outside a small cabin just west from the cabin the scientist was in. Nick handed me a file, "Dr Stephan Edelmann, We think he is responsible for the weird weather we have been having." Nick told me... "You ready?"

I opened my coat, "What you think "

He choked on his cigar... After recovering one, of the Agents said, "Okay I will plant this bug on you so we can hear everything. So, If your cover is blown.."

"Stand a side Ditzmire. I will plant the bug." Nick said dismissing the rest of the team after giving them orders. As Nick put the bug on me (which he had trouble finding a place.) He spoke in a lowered voice, "Sorry about last night. With these Skrulls, things have been hectic. Make it up to you tonight?"

I nodded, "Dinner my place."

he then leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Be careful."

The Mission was not a success. As I was doing my job, and some of my damn best work, and old Russian nemesis entered. He was also not alone but fortunately Nick was there with Agents so I also wasn't alone...

By the time the smoked cleared Dr Edelman was gone. Looks like we will have to endure this flip flop weather for a while.

The Post mission debriefing was routine, I was a bit frustrated, but these things are always like that when something goes south. These suits don't know what it's like in the field I just sat back while my director explained it to them... (Man Nick has a fine... erhhhmm Keep my mind focus on why I am here.)

So tonight I dressed and prepared a very romantic evening at my place... I sat and waited...

Nick didn't show and he didn't even call. I blew out the candles

As I was getting undressed to get in the shower I had this feeling I was being watched...

Since I couldn't find Ironboy I had guessed it was my imagination... But after my shower I still couldn't shake that feeling.

I felt like there was someone there.

I got in my night gown and then I saw shadows. Maybe it was Nick...

He was suppose to come over. Perhaps he decided that its better to be late than...

Just in case I got my gun... I held behind me as I waited for the shadow to move again

I then saw a glimps of someting... No that wasn't Nick... It was.... I quickly fired killing one, two but then I was swarmed....

When I woke I was... Well, I think this is the beginning of a Bad day.....

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