Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween


Saturday, October 20, 2007

In the Criminals Psyche

The door opened and I viewed the SHIELD board sitting at the table as I walked in. Nick stood a folder in his hands...

"Natalia Romanova, also known as Nancy Rushman, Laura Matthers, Natasha Romanoff, Formly affiliated with the KGB,Avengers, Champions"

I cringed. Fury continued, " Currently an active duty S.H.I.E.L.D agent... Codename BLACKWIDOW"

I nodded, "Sirs."

Nick handed my file to another man. He thumbed through my permanent record and then sat back, "Colonel Fury tells us you are one of his best agents."

Nick interrupted, "Not one of my.. Agent Romanova is my best field agent." He gave me a wink

"In your bed maybe but we are not interested in your sexcapades Fury." I recognized this man. I loathed him, he was against my joining SHIELD from start. He was attached to some special branch in the CIA, he lit his cigarette and I saw Nick restraining himself.

The General handed my file back to Nick and looked at the mysteriously chain smoker, "That will enough."

"As you wish General, but should we really trust this assignment to Fury's sex toy?" He moved out of the shadow for a slight second. Clearly Fury was ready to start pounding on him.

"Black Widow, we want you to see something. A TV network was hacked into and this air last night during the bewitching hour.." Nick stated as he pointed to the monitor......

** If you really want to join up and play e-mail Koma

"new reality show?" I asked, "You wanted to join Agent.. what was your name again?"

The CSM coughed slightly, "Yeah, she is a bright one Fury, but I guess with floaters like that.."

"ENOUGH!" The General shouted... "Black Widow we need someone on the inside."

"General the Russian won't convince them she is evil." the CIA agent pointed out

I then leaned to him, "Oh but I am sure you know all about being evil as as being a criminal."

Fury tossed the remote to the screen on the table, "Who would the CIA suggest? Don't forget you came to us with this."

"Oh we have an inside man... well an inside woman that is not why we have come to SHIELD" the Smoking man took a puff snuffed out his cigarette and lit another.

We were all ears... The CIA Agent stood, "Well, someone has volunteered, We feel it will give her a chance to redeem herself... Mr Stark was proud of her decision to become a competitor on the show but is worried at SHIELDs response. "

"Stark? What does Director Stark have to.." the General stated

CSM smirked and took a drag and then stated smoke billowing from his lips, "Not that Stark... Ironboy is worried SHIELD may impede Sky's investigation."

Nick lost his temper and the General restrained him, "COLONEL GET A GRIP!"

"She isn't good, she is as evil as you get... She isnt there to infiltrate the show, she is one of them. She is using that boy and told him this BS story so he would suspect the truth." Fury was dragged from the room and the Agent looked at the General, "See what I mean. I think the Colonel needs a vacation."

I was dismissed and went to find Nick.. He was sitting drinking in his office... "that wasn't smart Nick."

I kissed him and climbed in his lap then a knock came at the door. It was the General's aid... She had a order for Nick... It read.. Effect immediately, 2 weeks leave of absence."

I hope doesn't go commando on us..

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Iron Boy's Tantrum

So our mission to destroy Sky failed...

The Borg Woman that we now know through Agent Briefs as Seven assisted the Terminatrx.

Nick was upset, he wants that Cyborg dead. I certainly understand... She has done a lot to us...
I manage to get Nick in the tub of bubbles with me and he was starting to unwind when Ironboy stormed in...

He was in his amour and he was ranting...

"I have to admit, I had doubts about Sky. I mean you are right she has done some bad stuff in the past but she was also under Magneto's influence. He told her, She was suppose to kill all who were mutants which served him. " He was pacing in front of us...

"Boy you better deflate little Tony so the oxygen can rush back to your head! Magneto wasn't influencing her, using her maybe but influencing her... NO!" Nick bit down on his cigar, "As soon as you are no more use to her.."

"Dr Basil is still alive! I talked to her, when Sky was offline... Sky wants to be good... Basil is the key... She can help be her conscious." He tells Fury...

"Too bad she will die when I kill that Mega mutant bitch bot!" Fury spits...

"Try it and I will kill you!" Tony yells hysterically.

I try to intervene... "Tony, she is using you. That machine will either kill you or turn you into someone evil."

"No the ones who are evil is you two, my so called friends," he rolls his eyes and states sarcastically, " and running for President Tony Stark "

"Look boy, you got you a little piece of ass. I know the machine can make it quite interesting but.." Nick stated

"Like the fun I had when she looked like Tasha!" Tony spat trying to provoke Nick

I squirmed uncomfortable with the idea Sky was having sex with him while mimicking my appearance.

"Look boy if machines turn you on you can put your joy stick where you like for all I care but, I will kill that skank. So you can take your rants to someone else, Damn Dray Bastard!" Suddenly Tony yanked Nick from the tub...

I tried to stand but Ironboy knocked me out...

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