Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Who is a fraid of the big bad Corru

Things have been going well with the Election as we get closer I have to laugh at Fury.. He had to kiss babies only to be puked on by them. He had to shake a lot of hands with a lot of weird people. Hug old Grannies that gave him their panties….. Speaking of which yes, I did go to his place and get my personal item back….

In the morning I had to leave early to do some work… Fury kept pulling me down on the bed, "5 more minutes Tasha.."

"Nick… I have to get tot the office… " I giggled… As I dressed he undressed me.. He really can be impossible at times….

I think we have had sex at least twice in every inch of his place… I was leaving with him begging me to stay when I saw a dark figure….

I pulled my guy as did Fury… The figure lit a cigar slightly lightening his face and then blew out the match to resume the darkness… "Nickie! Tell me it isn't so? My old war horse buddy tell me you didn't let Red whip you did you? What would the troops say?"

"Tasha…" Fury said with a smile as he smacked my ass, "Could you.."

I glared at Colonel Dane, remembering my first meeting with him... the slob was back….. "See you later, " I teased and was making fun of Nick, " Ni…c…k..i..e…"

As I left I heard Fury dropping ice into a glass and pouring a drink, "Hey, Jackie… So what brings you planet side? Corru threat over?"

"No Nickie but the kid is in Danger.." As Dane voice went cold, I was stunned… I tried calling Vampirella's house to speak with Miari but he isn't there….

I will try his cell…..

Agent Briefs is probably already at the office… I get there and he wasn't there… Which was strange since he had a press conference with Tony today… Stark had to do the conference alone….

I wonder what is happening…..

The adventure is continued here:
Fury , Vampi , Justice , HS , Trunks , Vegeta

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Play time with Fury

Well, the thing with Carol is over.. During the end I was signaled to follow Nick… One of the well… Big Brothers signaled that the inquiry had gone on long enough….

"That Sleaze found out stuff that we at SHIELD do not want the public to know! It's not a conspiracy.. Just for the safety of the mutants and non-mutants… Do you know what would happen if he started telling the press how one could get their hands on the cure? Now we at SHIELD are trying to shut these illegal back alley clinic's down but it has to be done quietly… Personally I wouldn't be so surprise if that To Hell got Stark a sample to replace the missing one… Anyhow To Hell could damage the rep of SHIELD and we can not allow that… So .." He paused

"We let Carol Danvers get away with a crime?" Fury asked

I shifted a bit….

"Honestly Fury we don't have concrete evidence.. To Hell is right… " He said after leaving….

I sighed, "I guess I better get back to your campaign.."

Fury pulled me around the corner and close, "You coming by tonight?"

I licked his dry lips and teased them open as I nibbled his bottom lips, "why, got an itch needing scratching?"

He slid his hands up under my skirt, he slowly used his hands to memorize the silk of my stocking and then slide his hand under the strap of my garter belt…. "Are these regulations?"

"Since when have I ever been a regs kind of girl?" I rested my weight into him as his hands ran up and lifted me into him .. I wrapped my legs around him while my hands rested around his neck… Our lips meeting, the kiss deepening….. The roughness of his fresh shaven face brazing my skin as he pulled from our kiss and nestled between my breast popping the top two buttons of my blouse.

My fingers entwined in his hair and he set me down….. quickly unbuttoning my straps of my garter from my stockings
He then grabbed my thighs and kissed me roughly… He then whispered in my ear, "Hope you don't mine but I didn't have time for breakfast…"

He lowered to his knees, I shivered in the chill, my fingers grabbing at his hair…..

He stood tucking my panties into his pocket, "You want these back then you have to come and get them tonight….

He walked around the corner as I lowered my skirt and refastened my garter to my stockings….

Looks like I will be paying the colonel a visit…. I was heading out to speak to Logan when I see this on TV.. I rolled my eyes and walked over to Logan… He sniffed, "You and Fury eh?"

How does he always know these things?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Stuck with Stark

So the Draculina affair was over and done with… I was working on the campaign for Fury when Tony walked in….

He shut the door… Oh here it comes…. "Tasha, can we talk.." Tony smiled….

"What can I do for you Mr. Stark…." I asked….taking my gun from my top drawer and stuffed it in the holster…. "I was just on my way out…"

"SO how is things with you and Fury? He treating you good?" Tony got close, you know like when someone has been drinking and they think their face should be in yours….

"Tony, Fury and my relationship is none of your business.." I said pushing him away….

"You know we were once quite a number…" He swayed closer, "I just need to know that the episode earlier was because you wanted to help me out with the Draculina thing and not because you still have …"

"Ancient history Stark!" I folded my arms, "You are a playboy.. If you weren't you might offer poor Carol some security…. You know like the kind that comes with signing a birth certificate… She isn't going to be able to raise that kid on her own…"

He shifted and I knew I had hit a nerve……..

He was grinding his teeth, "Fury also a bit of a player… Just be careful… I don't want to see my girls hurt… and Tasha I mean that in a non-sexual --- or possessive way… I mean that as in my female SHIELD agents.."

Tony walked out and ran into Fury… "Carol is off the show… They need you to bring her in..:"

As Tony walked out of sight Nick walked in shut the door and looked at me…. "Now hell begins…"

TBC here