Friday, October 27, 2006

Nick... Shaken and Stirred

As the Colonel had ordered I was seeing personally to all the jobs that had to be done here at HQ…

"Agent Romanova, We have a report of a complete black out in Vegas, phone and power lines are down." The woman stated…

"Really, can you get me Colonel Fury?" I sounded worried because I was

"No Ma'am, There is no way… Seen the Mini-hellicarrier to investigate and provided assistance to the Colonel if needed." I said…

I sat down and began continue to delete and destroy all digital information that pertained to the Conners' Protection department.

I had already transferred the information to hard disk then before he left gave all files, a total of 350 file boxes to Mr. Fury. The Colonel wanted to take them to a location only he would know.

Working late was starting to catch up with me…

The phone rang, "This is David, we have had a Goliath incident. Need to meet with Fury ASAP. "

The phone hung up…. David when refereed to Goliath was John Conners, and it meant either one of his people were terminated, attacked by a terminator or another possible target for a terminator had been located…

Fury wasn't here. I knew that Conner wouldn't use telephones for long. So I would have to try to get a hold of the Colonel or locate Mr. Conners myself.

As I was walking out the door, I saw the Mini- Hellicarrier arrive. Colonel Fury rushed down to me, "Tasha, are you alright?"

"Of course Colonel but Little David called, Goliath has been scaring him again." I stated…

Colonel Fury shook his head and cupped my face, "Tasha you know I would never hurt you. Never ever."

I smiled at my commander, "Yes Sir." I notice he was shaken up, "Are you okay sir?"

He dropped his hands and shook his head yes, "You say David called."

"Yes, he said…" I began to quote…

"The TX known as SKY may have killed Cinders. Agents that I sent found the cabin a shambles but no body." The Colonel stated…

He turned to leave, "Colonel, Why didn't you go yourself?"

"I had to come and see if you were okay." Fury stated

"Sir?" I asked

"Nothing, never mind. I have to go meet Conners." My commander left… and I followed…

"Fury there was one more thing… Your old friend, Dane sent this file. It is a copy of what he sent Vampirella." I handed my commander the report that came in for him from the Wetworks…

The Colonel took the file and then drove off…

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a stolen kiss

I have been helping Colonel Fury with cleaning up SHIELD… I wasn't paying attention to the time and looked up and realized I was alone… I looked at the clock…. Wow is it really that late… Then Nick walked by, "Tasha? You're still here? "

"Yes sir I was just filing some of those reports you asked me to… I also got a hold of Mr. Connor." I smiled as I rubbed my neck…

"very good, come to my office. There is something we need to discuss…" He stated and continued to his office..

I walked into his office and the Colonel rose from his desk… "Can I get you a drink. Vodka on ice right?"

"Yes sir thanks." I said still rubbing my sore neck and shoulder…

I walked over and took the drink, my commanding officer smiled, "See what happens when you work late." He slid his rough hand and fingers massaging my neck and then lifted a finger to caress my jaw line, "I wanted to talk to you privately about some of the accusations that went on the past several weeks," He lifted my chin with the his finger and moved closer Nick was close enough for me to smell his aftershave and I closed my eyes tingling with anticipation just then I was surrounded by glittering light…

I opened my eyes to see, "Who are you!"

A red head and tall beard man stepped forward, "Agent Romanova, I am Dr Crusher and this is Commander Riker, Welcome to the Enterprise."

I was here for the Captain's 300th post party.. I wish I could say it was pleasant but Pantha was there and decided that it was the appropriate time to debate SHIELD policies… Vampi was quiet though.

After the Party I was beamed back… Colonel Fury was gone… damn… Somehow I have a feeling I have lost my chance to hear what Nick had to say…

Or have I, I am Russian after all and romance is my life …

Friday, October 13, 2006

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest part 2: Tony insane

Together the Colonel and I proceeded to West City… Things kept getting Uglier and Uglier… Now reporters have been putting SHIELD in a very negative light… This saddens me… I can see it is very upsetting for Nick to.

SHIELD HQ has been a living nightmare… Tony's armor was rigged or smething and Tony has been comitted....

My commander has been trying to clean things up… First with meeting Vegeta then with Vampi…

I didn't like how she yelled at Nick, I don't think he deserves that! However the Colonel thinks she has every right…

Whatever… He has ordered me to put in a few calls.. He would like SHIELD to set up relief efforts to resupply the aliens that are fighting this band of Aliens called the Corru with food, medical supplies and anything else that would help them.

Some of the top heads at SHIELD and many Politicians want to use this for positive PR, Nick was in a yelling match with them all day. He feels our aid should be quiet and without any interior motive.

He had me contact a group, this group is lead by a Colonel Dane.

While Nick argued with brass about the relief efforts I met with Dane…

SHIELD files on him are vague and classified…

"Hey love so where is ol' Nickie?" The Colonel said as he slapped me on the butt….

I gave him one of those if looks could kill looks, "COLONEL Fury is in a meeting but will be with you shortly."

"SO he is having you keep me company huh, toots?" As I showed this character (to put it nicely) he walked over and pulled one of my commander's cigars as if it was his office… "Ol' Nickie has done good for himself. So why is the Ol' bulldog calling me eh?"

I took the cigar from him before he could light it, "these belong to The Colonel, " He snatched the cigar back…

With a grin, "Hey toots, me and ol' Nickie have share a lot more than just a few stogies! What is mine is his and, " he winked, "what is his is mine… back in the good ol' days we were known as the Gospel Tag team for GOD."

I folded my arms and took the cigar again, "I wasn't aware that the Colonel was religious…"

He ginned, "Oh yeah, between us we kept those sweet girls singing their praises to god all night long. As I am sure Nickie could tell you those dames were finger licking…."

"COLONEL Dane, I do not believe you should be talking about Colonel Fury in this manner he is a respected Hero as for why you have been called he has a situation with some Aliens he seems to think is in your field. They are called the Corru." I placed the cigar back in the box…

"Woah girlie, did you just say the Corru? Funny and ol' acquaintance of mine just contacted me about them…" He got serious…

"Old acquaintance? If I may ask..:" I began to inquire..

"NO you may not," Dane turned as the office door opened and Colonel Fury walked in, "No you may not ask but you can be a good little secretary and fix me and Nickie a few drinks." Then he slapped my backside..

"Jackie! " My commander greeted Dane as if he was a long lost brother…

"Nickie ! You ol' war horse, I would ask what you been up to but as I can see, looks like you have done good for yourself… A nice big Ol' office, a secretary and all the benefits… I sure hope you ain't gone soft ol' man." Dane teased…

"Well Jack if you want ever put that to the test…" Fury smiled teasing back as he opened the cigar box, "smoke?"

"I tried but your pretty little lass seem to mind," he said as he took a cigar from the box… "I tried to tell her we pretty much share everything."

The Colonel flashed me a look and then his old friend grabbed a handful of my….. "So girl where is our drinks!"

I wanted to lay him on the floor at the Colonel's feet but instead I excused myself… "The Colonel can show you where the bar is, if you will excuse me I have a report to file."

[if the walls had ears…. This is what they would have heard inside the office after Black Widow left….

In a huff Agent Romanova left slamming the door behind her.. Colonel Nick Fury grins as he rubs his chin, "Careful Jack, Nat is liable to put you through a wall."

"Well Nickie I have to say, that is some pretty nice tail you got there… So you should know that Vampirella has already called me…" Colonel Dane walks over and sits on the corner of Fury's desk…

"Vampirella?" Fury raises an eyebrow

"Oh yeah she helped some years back with that Legion of Vampires…. She wants me to infiltrate one of the Corru's ship, see if I can find out about.." Dane shook his head

"Justice, can you do it old friend?" Fury walked over and pressed a button and a small bar appeared from the wall…

"Come on Nickie, after all the black ops we use to run, what do you think. " Dane walked over and took a drink Fury poured… "You should also know I took the job."

"Good, if you could keep me updated, but no one else in the agency only me." Fury said taking a drink of his drink

"Sure anything for an ol buddy. When I get back we can pick us up some cats, maybe the filly you got working here and play a little tag team wrestling…. Fury and Dane style.." Dane grinned..

Fury cleared his throat, "I don't know Jack… I am not as young as I use to be…"

"I see… in other words, my suspicions is right and you have gone soft or you sweet on the red head So tell ol Jack, which is it?"]

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest part 1

Carol and Scott came in seems Steve Rogers wants to meet with the Colonel… Thing is Fury is in custody still… He had Scott run an errand on a secret mission.. Carol escorted a fake Fury to Captain America…

I stayed at the real Fury's bedside…

Then that Clone of Thor attacked, it was Ogun….

" Tasha Get Stark tell him where this is happening! We have to stop that old nut job before he kills Logan, Cap, and Carol." My commander barked…

I left immediately looking for Stark… (Talk about nut jobs)
I find him suited up, "The Thor Clone...."

" I know the idiot went missing!" He interrupts. " and right when we need his Power!"

Surprised I ask. " why what is happening?"

Iron Man turns to me something strange in his voice. " Vegeta, has just declared West City as his own little country. We've been ordered to send everything at him., and also we're to take no prisoners."

" What ?" I couldn't believe what he was saying. " Even his children? His Wife? We are to kill that devil child that his son has adopted? We are to kill all of them?"

" Yes and they all have powers, and they keep escaping the Negative Zone facility. You're not going Widow ! I want you to find these so called Dragon balls and destroy them. Because after I kill that pint sized psycho I don't want him coming back. Oh and if Brolly returns tell him to come along. He'll make the eradication go a little faster. "

I was shocked and just glared at him as he boarded with SHIELD agents and soldiers, I decided to call and leave a message on Miari's phone. " wherever you are , you need to come back Things have escalated too far, If anyone can talk sense into your father it's you. You need to get back before it's too late."

Instead of Miari it was Vampirella
that called me back and I was informed that not only was impossible for her to get Miari a message at that point but that she had his cell. She also told me she was going to help Vegeta…

Well all I can say about Tony's orders is, "To hell with them…"

I located the General that was long time friends with Fury and then reported to Nick…

"We have big problems. Tony wouldn't listen because he is going after Vegeta, who has declared West City now part of the Sayian nation and his own… Tony is going to kill them all, all of them and he means to kill even the babies. Vampirella is joining Vegeta. I have went to your friend the General you said was one of the few you blindly trusted. He is pushing to have you acquitted and released immediately so we can first stop Ogun and then stop Tony… " I stated practically all in one breath

"Of all the bad ideas… The media gets pictures of dead babies and it will ruin SHIELD and this will certain be the end of any support we they have had on the Registration Act… Tony had gone insane… he is as bad as the villains we are suppose to be protecting the people from…" Fury tried to get up and I helped out of bed and with getting dress into his uniform… The Colonel objected my help at first pulling away from me, "I am not a ….."

I place my hand on his mouth, "I never said you were sir…" He caressed my hair and with a rough callused finger touched my cheek…

"You are a good agent Tasha…"

We could do nothing but wait for the General to do his part… Nick said if anyone can do it then it would be his friend and old war buddy…

"One day ask me to tell you how he save my …" The door swung opened and in walked the General…

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Forbidden Fruit part 4: Coma

I sat for days waiting for Colonel Fury to wake from his coma, the nurse informed me that the Dr wanted to see me.

After talking with the Dr we decided to try to use a stimulant to bring Nick from his coma…

The Dr stuck the needle in, slowly he injected Nick with the fluid….

The Colonel jerked a little and then his eyes fluttered.

" Colonel? Colonel?" I called out as I saw his eyes open

"Do you know your name? Can you tell us your rank?" The Dr began bombarding Nick with questions…

As he looked around he seemed both confused and a bit embarrassed… "I am fine damn it.. Just give me a second to wake up.." he yelled…

"You were in a coma… " I stated before I could say another word a person stormed into the room..

"Fury! I need to speak with you! Privately!" The tall Black man said…

"Cinders?" The Colonel sat up in his hospital bed, "Clear the room… Everyone except Miss Romanova." He looked at this man, Cinders, "You can trust her."

After the Dr reluctantly left Cinders who was pacing back and forth began rambling like a lunatic…. "Man, I came here to see how you were and then…. I trusted you! We all did! How could you let it happen?"

"What are you talking about?" Fury asked

" If it weren't for you man I would have never have joined the program. I trust you and John but I have never been to sure about living where I could be found. I knew how smart these future things were. Still I trusted you and got in the program. I knew the best way to know if one of those things was sent back, was to watch the Obituaries. I mean if we started dropping like flies, being murder right… So I made arrangements that if anyone with the program died it would be listed in every Obituary of every newspaper in DC. I made it my daily routine to read the obituary every morning, Fritter, Jones, Shane… I figured that if a terminator came and killed one of us I would have time to warn the others and most importantly disappear. However this new one… " He threw a newspaper at Nick and I picked it up…

"What are you saying?" the Colonel asked

"What am I saying? What am I say? I am saying they are dead you SOB!" Cinders screamed…

I interrupted, "Are you being just a little paranoid? Fritter, you mean Lynn Fritter? According to the Obituary she died of natural causes, she died in her sleep. A heart attack."

"Paranoid is what has kept me alive lady! Tell me what 26-year-old in peek physical condition dies of a heart attack… Look I may not be a SHIELD agent but you tell me… 6 members of the program all die in one night. ONE NIGHT! ALL of Shane's family was killed and all the same way… In their sleep from an apparent heart attack… 4 died in their sleep apparent heart attacks; Rifts, he slept walked right into a chemical vat and Jones OD…. What are the odds huh? I am telling you this is a Terminator, a new one… A powerfully smart one… If I had stayed in that apartment I think my name would been in that paper…." He frantically hollered…

"Calm down, Go somewhere safe, here isn't safe.. GO!" Nick fussed at Cinders trying to get out of his bed…
"WOAH, wait, your no condition to get up sir…" I pushed the Colonel down as Cinders took off…

"Listen to me, just before I woke I had a dream, Cinders name was mentioned, The fact he wasn't at the residence he was assigned was also mentioned… " Nick barked…

"Get back in bed, I will call up a file…" I pulled my lap top logged into the SHIELD database and asked for the to do a search on the following words…

I looked up at Nick… "SHIELD case file #8999746-001TX…. Name….."

"SKY, as in formally Skynet before she uploaded all her systems to a Terminatrix and then became half mutant during the incident with Cyberdyne… Magneto's little tin can was in my DAMN head!"

I looked at my commander, "What did she do?"

Nick couldn't look me in the eyes just then my laptop exploded… "Colonel I think she has control of SHIELD's database and computers…"

Just then Scott Summers and Carol Danvers walked in….

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Forbidden Fruit part 3: the Board...

I walked into my apartment. I was under escort compliments of Mr. Deacon. I guess he knows that I have no attention to leave. Not that I would like to see the motherland again, but I will not leave my commanding officer while he is being accused of crimes he did not commit.

I sent Scott with a message to Colonel Fury to alert him that I have been reassigned. I seemed Mr. Deacon had plans to have me drag on to a plane and back to Russia.

I was packing some things, I came across a picture of the Colonel and me when the goons that Deacon sent came barging into my apartment… "Miss Romanova. You are under direct orders to come with us…"

"I willnot go now leave my apartment!" I yelled…

Then an elderly man walked in behind them, "Miss Romanova please, I need you to accompany me to a formal inquiry."

I had recognized the General as being General McDill, an old war buddy of the Colonel's. The Colonel trusted him more than anyone… from what I understood it was for good reason. "General. I will be quick."

After I accompanied the General, "General, Stark and Deacon…."

"Miss Romanova, you will have to wait to give your report. " the General stated

"But sir, Colonel Fur…." I stated

"Has to stand before a board of inquiry. The charges are serious but my old friend will have a fair trial if it comes to that, I can assure you. Despite Deacon's and Stark's wishes you will be question by the board." The General stood erect and strong as he stated his declaration…

"As you wish sir…" I complied…

I was called into the Board of Inquiry, Everyone who had served under Colonel Fury had been called and questioned. Now it was my turn….

I walked into the room and sat at a table before 5 individuals, An Admiral, General, 2 of SHIELDs highest ranking commanders and the fifth person I didn't know but he was a civie….. CIA I think….

Admiral Gere folded his hands, "Shostakova, is your married name but you go by Romanova pronounce Roman-off your maiden name, Natalia Alianovna. Your current marital status is a Widowed."

General Wright interrupted, " Divorced would be more accurate seeing how Alexi is still alive…"

Admiral Gere continued, "parents are presumed dead, Former citizen of the USSR, resident in the United States under extended visa authorized by SHIELD. Codename Black widow. SHIELD File Number: 5665656-67BW."

Agent Conley started, "Miss Romanova this is a formal inquiry. We are investigating the previous actions of one Colonel Fury, Joseph Nicholas… Please answer all question clearly…"

Agent Sommers stood and walked to me, "Miss Romanova, On May 23 2006, were you on an assignment?"

I sat up straight, "yes I was."

The elderly woman nodded, "What was that assignment?"

"My mission was to observe and obtain information for a group that was suspected of being an AIM cell." I stated…

The SHIELD commander nodded again, "Were you on this assignment alone?"

"No I was not, Colonel Fury and I was assigned together. We were to be undercover, posing as a married couple. We booked a hotel across from the apartment we were to be watching."

Agent Conley spoke, "Continue please."

"Ma'am it is in my post missions report." I stated confused

Agent Sommers slammed photos in front of me, "Your post report doesn't provide an explanation for these!"

I looked down at pictures of me and Colonel Fury together in the hotel, "How did you get…. These photos can be explained."

The old bat looked at me, "Then please explain, this one of the colonel in his trunks and you hovering over him."

" Colonel Fury and I took turns surveying the AIM cell. The air conditioning was broke and it was hot. I was waking the Colonel for his watch." I answered quickly

"And this one of you in bed and the colonel standing behind you without any cloths at all." She grinned…

"While on watch one of the men left on his normal routine. I woke the Colonel and left to follow the man.. While I was gone the Colonel took a shower. The man I was following broke his routine and returned sooner than normal so I returned to our room sooner than the Colonel had expected… He didn’t hear me enter the room." I stated resentfully

She threw another photo, "What about this one?"

I shook my head as I looked down at the picture of the Colonel and I cuddled closely against a wall at night…"We were undercover, acting like we were taking a midnight stroll. Unexpectedly 3 members of Aim showed up. We had to do something to maintain our cover. I pushed the Colonel against the wall and kissed him."

Admiral Gere then leaned forward, "You… pushed the Colonel and you kissed him.."

"I was attempting to maintain our cover but yes I initiated it." I exclaimed defensively…

The General then shook his head, "You are not on trial Miss Romanova."

The witch Agent Sommers then spoke, "and when Vampires attacked SHIELD HQ? Who kissed who then? Was the two of you trying to maintain your covers then?"

Then General rose, "Enough Agent Sommers, I want to hear the Sayians obtained the information they have."

I looked at the General, "I do not know but it wasn't from the Colonel sir."

Agent Sommers sat down and Agent Conley stood, "Did Colonel Fury ask you to watch senior agents and command staff of SHIELD?"

I hesitated, "I am not answer anymore with out a legal representative."
The Agent sat down, "in other words he did. "

The admiral then asked, "Has the Colonel had contact with Former Agent Rogers?"

"NO!" I stated…

The admiral sat back in his chair, "that will be all Miss Romanova."

I walked out and the colonel's old friend looked at me, "I understand you have request to speak with Nick."

I shook my head, "Yes, but if they are accusing him….."

The General raised his hand, "These blood hounds aren't really interested in that. They are more interested in finding a mole or that Nick has been aiding Captain America. I have arranged for you to speak with Nick. Deacon isn't happy but he will get over it."

[meanwhile in Nick Fury's cell. ]

Nick sits waiting to be taken before the board… Suddenly a huge shadow falls upon him….
"I thought I ordered you to be locked up." Nick growled…
"you really thought I would be kept locked up? I have been given permission to have some fun…. They say they need a confession." The behemoth grabs Fury by the throat…

Brolly throws Fury and then walks over hitting Nick against another wall, Brolly continues to beat the old war hero, "Do you feel like confessing yet?"

Nick laughs through blood that gushes from his mouth, "You kidding? I am enjoying this."

Brolly smirks and begins to taunt the Colonel, "You lie so well. So you deny having interest in that Russian harlot. Then you won't mind if I pay her a visit. Now that I am not so slow witted I am curious to know what the fascination of Earth women is… Of course I must explore the vast methods I can cause pain and fear in this way. Afterward my experiment, when I am through with answering why Earth woman are so interesting to the pathetic Sayians here, I think I will pull the legs of the little spider…."

Fury charges the beastly Sayian,, screaming with emotional rage, "Don't you touch Nat…."

Brolly clothlines Fury and breaks several bones as he tosses him like a ragdoll in a corner….

Stark walks in, "Enough we needed a confession we can't get that if you kill him. Report to Zemo. Someone needs to deal with the Sayians."

Brolly leaves and Stark stares at Fury's body…

"What have you don't Tony? What has happened to you?" Fury gasps in pain

Stark leaves as the Black widow enters with a few SHIELD guards


I saw Stark leave as I entered the cell…. Then I saw… "Nick! Get the medics in here now!"

I screamed at the guards as I rushed to Nick , he had lost consciousness. I watched the guards leave to fetch medics, Nick and I were alone… I kissed him deeply and passionately

I paced the floor and Nick was finally being brought into recovery, he had to have surgery but was stable… I sat near my commander and held his hand Slowly Nick whispered, "Nat…. go to Moscow… go …. Before." He then lost consciousness again…

The General McDill is filing a grievances against Stark… What has happened to the Agency… I have remained at Nick's side, hoping he would wake soon.

I tucked a small ka-bar under his pillow. It was nothing but a small military knife but with Nick's training it was more than enough….