Monday, September 10, 2007

A tght spot

SHIELD command: Nick Fury just receives intelligence on the location of Black Widow. He begins to prepare his team. One of the top hats come in.

"Fury, I heard a rumor that you are going after Agent Romanova?" He says

Fury sneers, "It is no rumor."

"How dare you use resources to go after one agent. She is expendable and we have bigger fish to fry." The Man shouts...

Fury glares at him, "None of my agents are expendable."

"Especially not your little whore...." the commanding suit yells.

~~ Meanwhile~~

So I was captured by AIM. I glares around the room.

"Okay what do you want?" I demanded but there was no reply.

I put on my best poker face, "Surely you know that SHIELD knows I am missing and will invalidate all of my security codes!"

There was a laugh, "We do not want your security codes. We got what we wanted." He ran his hand up my thigh and I tried to kick him away.

"What good am I? I am just an Agent nothing more." I stated flatly.

he laughed again, "For one, you are Fury's little pet. He will come here and we will capture him. Two, you are the one that foiled our attempted to get Dr Edelmann's device for altering the weather and playing havoc with the seasons. Three, because we are going to inject you with a deadly virus. Your body will return to SHIELD and by the time those fools realize you were not tortured to death it will be too late. They will all be infected and dead. "

Damn this isn't good. I have to think of something and quick... I watch as the Man prepared a needle.

I can see my gun. If only I had a distraction...

~~ somewhere else~~

Fury sounds off, "She is there. I am getting ready to go in."

~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
I unzip to show more cleavage as the Dr is drooling I use my foot to knock over the table my gun flies in the air, I catch it and point it at the Dr. "Drop the needle. Up on the wall"

I grabbed the antidote and knock the Dr out.

I start running through corridors looking for an exit...

I feel a gun to the back of my head, "Very cleaver dear."

How did he get behind me... I let him take my gun.

"Not at the top of your Game huh?" He smiles, "Because of the serum we gave you. Slows you down. Now you will come with me and get your shot like a good girl"

I standing in a lab... I have this feeling someone is watching me

~ ~~ somewhere else~~

Fury barks his orders, "Level this place, I am going in"


Some henchmen come in carrying a case... "We got him!"

I could see it was Fury. My heart stopped...

Fury then pulls his gun and I grab one...

"Widow you okay." He asks...

"Of course." I wink I am standing there when this place is rocked by explosions... I reconize those sounds...

"Sounds like the calvery." I flash a smile

Fury smiles and flashes one back "of course. "

Everything was exploding around us... He looked at me...

"Did they drug you?" He asked and I nodded

In between shots I tried to fill him in, "Nick they have made a virus too.. I have the antidote."

I handed it to him and he and I run through the place fighting our way out..

Around every corner there were bullets flying trying to hit us... However as always I had Fury's back and he had mine.

"So why did you stand me up?" I ask

He chuckled, "Not the time to discuss this is it my dear?"

"Why not? I mean you have been ignoring me, standing me up and.." I teased

So he interrupted teasing back, "So you had to get in trouble and play the damsel in distress?"

"Should know me enough by now to know I don't stay in trouble." I winked

"Really so you was just playing with the enemy?" He teased back...

Before us was the heavy steel door. We were heading out when several armed men came out of no where and surrounded us...

"Surrender!" The lead man stated

Suddenly the heavy metal door opens and I hear more guns clicking behind me...

"That's funny, I was just about to tell you the same." Fury stated...

As I walked with Fury to the Carrier, he took my hand kind of discretely. "Dinner my place tonight."

"Why so you can cancel?" I swayed into him...

I saw Steve walking up, "Actually, I told him I would ensure you two the night."

I looked at Nick, "Okay, now let's head back to command."

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Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Ah, where would you kids be without your guns?

7:23 PM  
Blogger Optimus Prime said...

From looking at those pictures, Nick Fury appears to be a Transformer.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Using the old cleavage trick disrupted the drooling doctor.

11:43 AM  

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